Thursday, April 29, 2010

KalaAnantarupah Art Center -World Celebrates Dance Day on April 29.... Our sincere gratitude to all dancers of the world for keeping the arts alive...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

kalaanantarupah art center admission opens for all

kalaanantarupah art center's Dancing Mime workshop-[New Concept 1st Time in the World] -May 10 th to May 21st 2010

Dancing Mime makes your Kid to become Leader

1st time in the world Mr.Thiyagarajakumar is incorporating mime and dance as Dancing Mime concept.

Why do I advocate incorporating mime into dance sessions for Children? There are two main reasons. As in dance, the whole body is used expressively which is a healthy thing for all of us. The other reason is that everyone and especially children need to learn to appreciate silence and the spiritual and emotional peace which this can bring. Our everyday world is full of competing sounds, some of which we want to associate with and others which we wish we could permanently escape. Music is used to manipulate our thoughts and feelings in directions often unknown to us. Large numbers of children with problems are often very sensitive to sound. For such children working in complete silence can be a very powerful experience.

Mime gives children an opportunity to play, explore and invent. Children mime naturally when they play games such as shops, going to the dentist etc. etc. When young children do not have the necessary objects or cannot express themselves they mime. As in dance the children are learning to physically and psychically differentiate parts of the body. Correct breathing and use of the spine are of paramount importance. The breath influences the speed and quality of the movement as well as the rhythm. Correct breathing brings about psycho-physical harmony, an enormous benefit. All our body positions are regulated by how we use our spine. The correct use of the spine will enable walking, lying, sitting, straightening or relaxing the torso, finger, foot or shoulder movements for example to become an expressive means of communication. Our minds
control our bodies.

This art form as another means of using the arts to help children with emotional and learning difficulties. We have all heard of world famous practitioners such as Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton of silent movie fame and in more recent times of Marcel Marceau and his stage performances. No doubt we have all seen circus clowns of whom the Russian Grock was one of the greatest. Sadly the white faced, serious clown who never smiled or spoke seems to have disappeared from the scene.

Children need to be encouraged in ways that help them to make their inner life visible without words. A dance and movement session. with mime does just that.

kalaanantarupah art center's Dancing Mime Presentation {New Concept 1st Time in the World] @ Canadian International School

kalaanantarupah art center students selected for Colors tv Indian Got Talent Show next rounds

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kalaanantarupah art center classes- RUSH FOR ADMISSION 98860 65752 , 90352 33602 ,

KalaAnantarupah Art Center & Kalaimamani Smt.Gopika Varma's Mohiniyattam Dance Class -DNA 19th April 2010 Limited seats available.reach us immd for admission :- 98860 65752/90352 33602 /

KalaAnantarupah Art Center & Kalaimamani Smt.Gopika Varma's Mohiniyattam Dance Class -DNA 18th April 2010

KalaAnantarupah Art Center & Kalaimamani Smt.Gopika Varma's Mohiniyattam Dance Class -DNA 17th April 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Kalaimamani" Smt.Gopika Varma's Mohiniyattam Dance Class @ KalaAnantarupah Art Center,Bangalore

Hi everybody,

We are glad to inform you that we are starting a “Kalaimamani” Smt.Gopika Varma’s {Dasyam, Chennai] "Mohiniyattam Dance Class"".  @ KalaAnantarupah Art Center,Bangalore
   Ist Batch
           Wednesday – 10 to 11Am | Thursday – 10 to 11Am
  IInd Batch
           Wednesday – 7 to 8 Pm |Thursday – 7 to 8 Pm
   “Kalaimamani” Smt.Gopika Varma
·         “Kalaimamani”Smt. Gopika Varma is running a Mohiniyattam Dance School named "Dasyam" at Adyar, Chennai
·         She was the first Mohiniyattam dancer to be awarded "Yuva Kala Bharathi" by Bharat Kalachar in the 2001.
·         Kaladarpanam Award in the year 2003.
·         The Outstanding performance Award by the House of Commons, London in the year 2003.
·         The Tamil Nadu government (Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram) has Awarded the prestegious "KALAIMAMANI AWARD- 2004", top most award of the State of Tamil Nadu from then Chief Misnister, Dr. J. Jayalalitha.
·         Bharathanjali Trust conferred the title “Sathya Abhinaya Sundaram” in the year 2007.
·         Vipanchee conferred the title “Natya Kala Vipanchee” in Dec 2007 which was presented by Dr. Balamuralikrishna.
·         She received the Rajakeeya Puraskaram in 2007 presented by the H.E. Prof. Mohd. Hamid Ansari, the Vice President of India.
·         She was chosen by Sruthi Arts as the World Malayali Excellence Award in 2008 received from Smt. Sheela Dixit, Chief Minister, Delhi.
·         Abinaya Kala Ratna Excellence Award by World Peace and Friendship Council.
·         Most recently this year she has been awarded by the Kerala Sangeetha Natak Academy Award for her contributions in popularizing Mohiniyattam outside Kerala
·         Vasundhara Performing Arts Center has recently honored her for her Outstanding contributions in the field of Classical Dance

* Age 4 + onwards
* House wives, working people, Adult & Kids    

It’s open to the people of all age groups. |   Limited Seats available. So Contact immd for admission.

It would be a pleasure for us to serve you and enrich your skills.

We would appreciate if you could share this invite to your near and dear ones. As it would be a great opportunity for all to showcase their creativity.

 Hope to see you soon.

                     For further details reach us:  

KalaAnantarupah Art Center
No.7/12,6th Main,Haunumanthappa Layout,
RT Nagar Post,Sultanpalya,Bangalore-560032
Mobile :-   9886065752, 9035233602
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