Thursday, January 27, 2011

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs and Mywebseries Presents -1st Time in the social media World- Short film festival -Last date 10th Feb 2011

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs and Mywebseries Presents -1st Time in the World new concept- Music Mela -The Online Video Contest -Last date 10th Feb 2011

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs & MyWebseries join hands together to bring the new talents to this social media world.

Music Mela-The Online Video Contest
We are now pleased to announce our New Concept-1st Time in the world Online Music video contest. For all genres. Film, Light,Semi-classical,pop,rock,jazz, etc..

    Absolutely no restriction on the style.

How can you participate?

·  All that the participant has to do is submit a video of his/her performance (either freshly recorded or previously done performances). The allowed duration is 6 minutes (roughly).

·  Photograph and details of their age, number of years of training, name of the teacher, school/college/profession would be helpful for further correspondence.

·  Please submit your entries by the 10th February (Entries could be sent as a link to existing videos or as a compressed file through mail or through courier)

Winners and Prizes:

·  Winners would be chosen by a transparent viewer- rating system. At the end of the voting period the top 3 videos with the highest points would be given cash awards.

·  In addition to voting, our panel of judges will be awarding special jury awards to two contestants.

Professionals,Experts and Teachers:

Music teachers, senior artists and Experts can send a video of their performance which would be a part of a non-competitive category, special performances of the event.

For any clarification : 


Director,K Media Labs
+91-98860 65752 / +91-90352 33602

Vasudev Parthasarathy

Monday, January 24, 2011

K News Channel - [ Event Listing-Event Submission Guideline-Events' Reviews ] K Consultants [-Events' Jobs (both freelance or full time) ]

Dear Readers,
Thanks for your time and support.

Event Listing
 Phone no:- 
 +91-98860 65752 / +91-90352 33602 / +91-7829 555 752
 +91-80-23658283  /+91-80-23656381
Email id:-

Event Submission Guideline: 
Just send an email with the details mentioned below. Do give a call to confirm your submission as email might not reach or it might not get noticed because of various technical reasons.
1.       Title : Title of the Event with Starting and Ending Dates.

2.      Timings : Starting and Ending Time ( Including the Day of the week when the event is closed in case of a long duration event ) 

3.     Entry : Mention if t's free or Requires Registration or Ticket Booking ( And send complete details including address / phone numbers / emails / Websites for registration and ticket booking )

4.     Venue address: Complete address with contact numbers, website etc.

5.      Multimedia : Send Pictures of the Artworks / Artists / Poster / Invitation etc. ( do send atleast 4 images if possible  )

6.     Event Description : Background of the event / organization and Complete Schedule if applies. In case of Play, send information about Cast, Duration, Synopsis, Language etc. 

7.      Contact Details : For getting in touch with you or your organization 

  • It's preferred that you use your official email id or/and provide your contact details which helps us in identifying your correct identity to avoid incorrect information.
  • Please don't use ' CAPITAL LETTERS '. In other words, use acceptable English. 
  • Same guidelines apply for submission of workshops like dance, theatre etc.

Events' Reviews: 

Page Visitors can also submit Reviews of the events they attended.

Events' Jobs (both freelance or full time) 

If you have requirement of actors, musicians, dancers, singers & any other job requirement related to your event, you can send that too.- Do mention the last date of requirement.

Thanks in advance for your time and action.

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy
"KalaAnantarupah News Channel-Consultants -Home Improvement Consultants-Media Labs-Art Center"

 No 7 / 12,6th Main,Hanumanthappa Layout,
R.T.Nagar Post,Sultanpalya
Bangalore - 560032
Karnataka ,India
Mobile - +91-98860 65752 / +91-90352 33602/+91-7829 555 752
Phone:-+91-80-23658283 / +91-80-23656381

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

K Media Labs – Sponsorship Management & Consulting

K Media Labs – Sponsorship Management  & Consulting

Whether you are a corporation seeking to understand where to place your brand,  a sports team aiming to attract new investment, or a music / Dance management company looking for experts in the field of ongoing sponsorship management, our extensive networks and long-standing industry expertise can be employed to establish the right strategic partnerships for you, to advise you in your activation, and implement operational structures that will ensure your new sponsorship will work for you far beyond your financial outlay.

 Any successful sponsorship campaign is built upon a carefully formulated, three dimensional strategy which is activated with drive, insight and unrelenting attention to detail in all areas. At K Media Labs we believe that this underpinning strategy is all powerful and we have spent a quality time to evolving a formula to ensure our clients are not let down by lack of focus in anyone of the components that together are essential for campaign success. We have brokered and managed some of the biggest deals in music and sports sponsorship.

K Media Labs –Sponsorship Management & Consulting division is a 100% service providing company that specializes in consulting,selling and buying sponsorships:

• Sports (professional, minor, college and amateur)
• Special Events (music, festivals, fairs and community celebrations)
• Venues (stadiums, arenas and theatres)
• Arts & Culture (non-profits)
• Government (tourism)

Sponsorship Consulting
The financial success of an event is dependent upon its sponsorship management team. This group is responsible for creating a detailed sponsorship business plan that will outline the fundamentals for a winning fundraising campaign.

K Media Labs will design this document and train your sponsorship sales staff with the goal of not only growing your event, but increasing its profitability on a yearly basis.

Sponsorship Business Plan:

 Sponsor Master List
[corporate sponsors, media sponsors, in-kind (trade) sponsors, vendor sponsors]
 Sponsor Prospect List
 Advertising Category List
 Event Competitive List
 Sponsorship Pending Report
 Event Collaterals [web site design, sales brochure design, advertising package design, event ROI (return on investment) design]
 Sponsorship Financials [revenue goals and objectives, sponsorship budget, advertising pricing]
 Sponsorship Presentations
 Sponsorship Contracts
 Sponsorship Invoicing
 Sponsorship Summary
 Sponsorship Coordination
[media, signage, merchandising - promotions, print, hospitality - VIP tickets - credentials]

Sponsorship Selling
An event will only be as good as the sponsorship sales that it can generate. It is critical to follow sponsorship sales process that starts by targeting advertising categories and qualifying those sponsor prospects, creating and delivering a quality sales presentation, activating the sponsorship and lastly, providing the sponsor with a post-analysis of the event.

K Media Labs has the experience and sponsor contacts to sell your event.

Sponsorship Sales Process:
 Review Sponsorship Business Plan
 Target Advertising Categories and Qualify Sponsor Prospects
 Design Sponsorship Collaterals [web site, sales one-sheets, email blasts]
 Sponsorship Sales Presentations [media, signage, merchandising and promotions, print, hospitality - VIP tickets - credentials]
 Coordinate Sponsorship Package [contract - invoice - summary, fulfillment, ROI (return on investment) summary]

Sponsorship Buying
The art of sponsorship buying combines knowledge, leverage and negotiation, otherwise known as the sponsorship buying platform. When purchased correctly, sponsorships are one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to communicate your advertising message to a captive audience. Your company becomes part of the "live-event" that not only build brand name and product awareness, but will appeal to the emotional buying habits of your consumer.

K Media Labs uses all of their competitive tools to ensure a well negotiated, value added and coordinated sponsorship package for your company.

Sponsorship Buying Platform:

 Determine the Event Based Upon the Demographic Target
 Develop Marketing Goals and Objectives
 Devise a Budget
 Review, Study and Purchase demographic Friendly Events
 Develop, Design, Negotiate and Coordinate the Sponsorship
 Contract and Invoice the Event and Client
 Coordinate the Advertising Elements in the Package
 Measure the ROI (Return on Investment)

K Media Labs- sponsorship services include:
  Competitive assessment
  Sponsor evaluation
  Contract negotiation
  Strategic, creative and tactical program development
  On-site management
  Promotion execution and fulfillment
  Media production and distribution                                              Press support 
Our company, which was started by Thiyagarajakumar, has the expertise to make your sponsorship campaign successful and cost-efficient. As a result, we are proud to work with some of the most prominent and diverse events and corporate partners in the country.
Reaching Out

K Media Labs would appreciate the opportunity to partner with your company. Feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss your needs and explore how we can help make the most of your Event and entertainment sponsorship marketing programs.

+91-98860 65752 / +91-90352 33602 / +91-80-23658283 / +91-80-23656381

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Create your Leadership Video Resume with KalaAnantarupah Consultants

Create your Leadership Video Resume with KalaAnantarupah Consultants
                                                                                                                                                             Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for the same position, so it’s hard to make your CV stand out from the crowd.
Boost your chance of being noticed and bring your CV to life by creating a Leadership video Resume!
A KalaAnantarupah consultants -Leadership video resume looks extremely professional and gives potential employers or decision makers an insight into your personality, interests, goals, and characteristics.

Think about the advantages:
1.Stand out from the crowd. 

90% of all resumes have the same format--dry verbiage and bland, impersonal data.  Boo.  If yours is the only application for the position that included a link to a Leadership video resume, then what do you think the odds are that you set yourself apart from your competition?  I'd say they're pretty darn good.  A small percentage of applicants have been getting unique with paper resumes, using witty copy, images, or even a creative layout or font choice.  Video is just a natural extension of that sort of thinking.  And in the current economic climate, it's more important than ever to give yourself any advantage you can.

2.Show your personality. 
If you've ever been the hiring manager at any of your jobs, as I have, then you know that after the first handful of resumes or job applications, you eyes gloss over.  They all run together after a while, and you're left with 50 pieces of paper that have no clear distinction among them.  K Consultants Leadership Video shows a potential employer what you look like, sound like, and act like.  It's almost like an initial screening interview.  Just like email can never reproduce the nuances of nonverbal communication or vocal inflection, a paper resume can only show employers a small portion of what you have to offer.  Video, however, can give a much clearer picture.

3. Demonstration.
 If you're applying for a skill-based job, video gives you a chance to actively demonstrate your abilities.  A traditional resume only lets you brag about yourself.
There are more benefits to video resumes, obviously, but these are the biggest in my opinion.

As video continues to soar in popularity, and the economy continues to struggle, the unemployed or underemployed are going to be looking with renewed intensity for a means of standing out from the crowd. A video resume allows just that.

We used to just make phone calls, now we can Skype with video.  We used to type into chatroom boxes, but now we have video chat and Facetime.  Video is becoming the dominant way to communicate, and I don't see any reason why resumes should be any different.  In fact, I'd say it's inevitable.

Come to our studio with your paper CV and in less than an hour we’ll create your Video CV for you. You’ll leave with a video of yourself that can be emailed directly to any future employers.
All you need is a script, which we’ll take directly from your current CV. Bring any certificates, images or video material you have that supports your CV and we’ll add that to your video too. A Leadership video CV says so much more about your personality, skills, experience and enthusiasm than a written CV ever could.

For more information please Contact us

KalaAnantarupah Consultants
No.7/12,6th Main,Hanumanthappa Layout
RT Nagar Post,Sultanpalya.Bangalore-560032,Karnataka,India.
+91-98860 65752 /+91-90352 33602 / +91-80-23656381/ +91-80-23658283

Thiyagarajakumar.Rama                                                                             Director,KalaAnantarupah Group