Leadership Stage Executive Dream Career Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs

Perhaps you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Recently sold your company and are unsure what to do next in your dream career.
  • Have worked independently all of your professional life but yearn for the security, structure and teamwork of traditional employment under a corporate umbrella.
  • Worked in the family business far too long and do not know how to cut the cord.
  • Entrepreneurial background but lacking the traditional corporate paper dressing such as college degrees or fancy titles.
  • Successful consultant who never gets to enjoy the long term rewards of the work, has to leave the team just when the chemistry starts to gel, or road weary from too many hotels.
  • Right at home running the show, but now you’re suddenly thrust into an executive job search for the first time in many years without the skills or team to run one properly.

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If you recognized yourself in any of the above statements you are most assuredly not alone. For most of us, change – especially when it comes to our dream career – is neither comfortable nor streamlined. But, when undertaken with confidence and passion career change can yield life changing results; an outcome that you could not have dreamed possible but with which you will be rewarded for stepping outside of your comfort zone.

As a focused and professional  dream career management group, The Leadership Stage Group specializes in these very situations in which many people find themselves. We will assemble a focused team of our professionals to give you the assistance and support you need throughout your transition, helping you one step at a time – from identifying your opportunities, to finding and landing that perfect position; as well as providing you ongoing support throughout your career.

At The Leadership Stage Group we work with every client on a one-on-one, personal basis to offer unique solutions for their particular situation. A dream career is a very personal thing; and the search to find that perfect opportunity is just as personal. Your dedicated team of consultants is wholly focused on your particular career goals and helping you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

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