Leadership Stage Executive Dream Career Management for Physicians

“I feel so attached to my beeper that it needs to be surgically removed.”
“I work to pay my malpractice insurance.”
“Reimbursements are continuing to decline.”
“I work to pay everyone else around me.”
“It’s been so long since my last real vacation, I can’t tell you when it was.”

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Do these statements resonate with you? If your answer is yes, it is now time to consider a dream career change. It is well known in today’s world that physicians are facing myriad challenges and changes. Doctors are caught in a state of flux, plagued by ever-increasing medical malpractice costs, litigation, and declining reimbursements. Most physicians have suffered a significant decrease in income with an associated lifestyle reduction over the last ten years.
Safety; Privacy; Cost-Containment

These are just some examples of the growing demands placed on physicians in the practice setting. “Doing more with less” has come to be commonplace in the hospital arena as well. Keeping the patient’s best interest at the forefront within this environment can lead to great personal stress and eventual burnout. When you compound these issues with the ever-changing healthcare demands set forth by the hospitals, it’s understandable that physician job satisfaction is at an all-time low.

However, being a physician gives you many career options, some of which you may not be aware. Fortunately, our team of executive career professionals understands the pressures of healthcare and the many options and opportunities that exist for you beyond your current situation; opportunities that can change the scope of your future.

Growing weary of being responsible for everyone around you? Overburdened by bureaucracy? Imagine the possibility of no longer having to interact with the insurance companies! Think of what it would be like to be responsible for you and you alone. It can be a reality.

For many of us, the perks of private practice are dwindling. At The Leadership Stage Group, we are here to help you explore new possibilities for your career - and ultimately – new potential for your life. Let us help you make the transition to a career and personal life that you truly desire.

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