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First, we need to know who you are in order to determine how we might assist you. In today’s business world, the resume has become the calling card by which professionals make a definitive connection, so we like to start there. If you have a current resume  and have a history of earning at least $100K and above or regional equivalent in annual base salary, please follow the instructions below so we can get an overview of your background and a feel for how you’re currently marketing yourself.

When we receive a resume, it goes through an Leadership Stage executive review to determine who might be the best member of the team to initiate contact. Typically this is done within a business day of your submission. Once you have been assigned, you will be both emailed and called directly by your client selection specialist.

A phone appointment is then set up to further delve into your dream career search parameters, qualifications and current search activities. If, at this juncture, it is determined that

  1. You definitely need our help in your dream career search/transition 
  2. We can help you, based on our experience, staff and tools, you will be submitted for consideration as a potential client for our dream career management consulting program.

The Leadership Stage executive team reviews your situation and designs a program or series of programs deemed to be most effective and efficient, at which time you will be mailed a proposal, outlining services, deliverables and costs. We are keenly aware of the financial stress a career change can incur and we make every effort to price our programs to be affordable to all who may need our services. Our goal is always to make this process as convenient for you as possible.

You would then have a further in-depth discussion with your client selection specialist to decide which program is best for your needs. This initial contact will introduce you to the overall philosophy by which our team operates. We are much more than executive search consultants; we offer a partnership that is hands-on and for us – as well as it clearly is for you – a deeply personal journey. The information that we gather from you allows us to position you appropriately and to market your unique qualifications in the most effective manner possible.

Upon becoming a client, you will complete a personal survey which is your forum for communicating your personality, as well as crucial details concerning your career and life choices to your team, who will be selected based upon an leadership stage executive review of this document.Then our work together begins.

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Q. Why should I consider investing in my Leadership Stage Dream Career Planning and Management ?
A (Dr.T) - People seriously invest in their homes, automobiles, education and retirement. However, most take a haphazard approach to dream career planning and management. Your dream career is your most worthwhile investment. The time and money you invest in your dream career now will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime.

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