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Leadership Stage Law Solutions Rainmaking Guidance
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Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy has been an instrumental catalyst in bringing about transformation of the mindset, culture and practical approach to winning new business of those of us lucky enough to participate in his sessions and, in turn, our ability to effect more widespread change throughout our organisation.”
                                               - Partner, Banking

To detect, develop and win high-value business - on a sustainable basis - requires considerable commitment and discipline. Yet the process of planning and implementation is often misunderstood, overlooked, or under-resourced, resulting in disjointed and ineffective new business activity.

Leadership Stage Law Solutions Rainmaker Guidance provides strategic counsel, direct representation and proactive communications for companies marketing themselves business-to-business. We reach out to the organisations they want to work with intelligently and sensitively. Each contact we make for them is a unique, confidential process and we avoid any conflict of interest, by not working as a bipartisan intermediary with brands as well.

By combining rigorous planning with insight-led prospecting, our campaigns, modeled to the precise commercial context of each client, pull all the critical ingredients together for maximum results. 

In summary Leadership Stage Law Solutions Rainmaker Guidance delivers: -

  • Value: the most effective new business campaigns available
  • Experience: properly resourced, balanced and capable client teams
  • Intelligence: superior planning competency
  • Insights: exclusive access to the unrivalled information of Pearl finders
  • Technique: best-practice prospecting
  • Social: Twitter and LinkedIn CRM integration
  • Marketing: penetration, brand building, prospect relationship development
  • Research: competitors, clients, markets
  • Data: the richest and most accurate decision-maker database
  • Training: best practice new business and pitch training
  • Transparency: online performance measurement reporting
  • Trust: a safe pair of hands for your company's valued brand
  • Results: reliable delivery even in the most testing conditions 

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy works with our cross-discipline team to help engender a better Leadership Stage sales culture. He’s a straight talker and pulls no punches, but also quietly and strategically builds the rapport of the group to create a solid platform permitting the growth of the team’s individual and collective sales confidence. The Leadership Stage approach is paying real dividends and  Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy’s input has played an important role not only for this team’s future but also in changing the culture of the firm as a whole.”

                                    Board Member, Capital Projects 

Being able to sell our services effectively is more important than being able to do the work. This can be a hard truth to swallow. We have invested our best years developing our skills, and rightly take pride in them. But without the sale, there is nothing and generating enough profitable work will always be our biggest challenge.

Most of us find selling far more challenging than the work itself, but it can also be enormously satisfying. I believe passionately that anyone with the right commitment can do it. Leadership Stage rainmaker Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Guidance come in many shapes and sizes. There is no secret formula. Creating the right sales and marketing strategy, pricing well, communicating effectively and avoiding the bear traps are the vital skills, and they can all be acquired.

Law Solutions Guidance in the India and Worldwide

I founded my own law solutions company, and for almost ten years was at the heart of building it from a sole practice to international leader in our key markets. For all that time, my relentless focus was on winning business, managing and developing our key relationships. In the beginning, my clients were individuals and SMEs. Latterly, they were leading institutions and worldwide businesses of national prominence.

Today, with all the experience gained from those successful years at the coal face, I help professionals in many different types and sizes of firm to hone their skills and develop the confidence to be winners in their markets. A law solutions consultant, I work collaboratively with partners and senior lawyers, in groups and one-to-one. I also advise extensively on pitches and tenders.

If you would like to discuss without obligation and in confidence how I can help you, please email me at t@leadershipstagelaw.com

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